Thanks for your interest in serving our community! Our serve teams are comprised of people who, for the sake of others, are volunteering their time to make Southlands a place where people can feel at home, encounter Jesus, and participate in community. We would love to help you find a team where you can get connected.
For more information or to sign up, contact:


The Kids Ministry is an opportunity to train young minds and hearts in the ways of God. Our twofold purpose is to free parents up to take part in the gathering and teach the little ones about Jesus.  We learn, play and have fun doing it!


We are the button pushers, level pullers and magicians behind the scenes that handle lighting, sound and video.  We serve out of the spotlight because we’re controlling the spotlights (among other things).  Join us if your techy or want to learn!


The band is full of excellent musicians that lead us through music and song every Sunday. They practice throughout the week, as well as on Sunday mornings, to ensure that they are ready, both physically and spiritually to lead Southlands in worship of Jesus.


This team focuses on the necessary work in the background of church meetings so the church-wide focus remains on Jesus Christ.  This translates into setting up, preparing communion, moving chairs, etc.  Join us if you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and enjoy the honor of humble service.


Come join us as we welcome people and connect them to Southlands.  Duties include setting out snacks and coffee so folks feel at home.


Come join us as we welcome people and connect them to Southlands.  Duties include greeting visitors and helping people find their way around the facility.


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